How to Get Lea Michele’s Engagement Ring Look for Less

Author Long's Diamond Team
Date Feb 15, 2021

How to Get Lea Michele’s Engagement Ring Look for Less

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When a celebrity gets engaged on the world’s stage, there’s always a big buzz among brides-to-be and wedding industry professionals. The questions start pouring in as soon as the first headline breaks, and the first thing everyone wants to see a photo of is the ring.

Former ‘Glee’ star Lea Michele is the most recent celebrity to show off her, “I said yes” piece of hardware and the internet exploded with excitement. Michele’s ring, a custom-made, four-carat elongated radiant cut diamond is nothing short of breathtaking, but the one word that comes to mind for all of us outside the Hollywood zip code is...expensive.

The good news is, there’s always a way to get a look for less. So, if you’re inspired by Lea Michele’s engagement ring, you can learn how to find a similar style for your big moment, too (just remind your fiancé-to-be in advance that you’ve done your homework and don’t expect a ring straight from the A-List).

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Do your research

We all experience “ring envy” at one point or another, but before you decide a celebrity’s newest piece of jewelry is your new must-have, ask yourself, what is it about the ring you like best? Are you inspired by the media attention the ring (and the celebrity) is getting? Maybe so, but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be the hottest new trend.

If in fact you do love the style, say, you’ve already looked at a few rings like that and loved them, then you might be onto something. If you can look past the social media buzz and magazine covers and still appreciate the ring for what it is --a symbol of love and commitment, then you can start finding a way to replicate it with your own budget.

How to Get Lea Michele’s Engagement Ring Look for LessFeatured: Christopher Designs L’Amour Crisscut® 18k White Gold, Halo Design (Available at Long's Jewelers)

Cut the carat in half (or more)

As most of us know, the center stone plays a major factor in the cost of an engagement ring. The more carats the diamond, the higher price you can expect to pay. Lea Michele’s four-carat ring cost an estimated $100,000, but you can get just as much sparkle and style with a smaller carat ring.

The above Christopher Designs L’Amour, Crisscut 18k White Gold Halo Design ring comes is 2.01 carats and has the look of Lea Michele’s, but for much less. Love it? Well, you need to see this beauty in person at a Long’s store to see all the shiny details for yourself.

Repurpose an heirloom diamond

Now, we’re still on about that center stone, and while this might not be an option for all of us, repurposing a family diamond is a great way to get a beautiful engagement ring at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re lucky enough to have been offered a diamond from your own family or even your fiancé’s, take advantage of the opportunity to create your own ring (with a little celebrity inspiration behind it) for your own lifelong piece of jewelry. And if you’re not sure how to begin when it comes to designing a custom ring, Long’s can help with that.

How to Get Lea Michele’s Engagement Ring Look for LessFeatured:Henri Daussi AGCS Cushion Halo Floral Diamond Engagement Ring (Available at Long's Jewelers)

Visit jewelry stores in person

While you’re not in the market for a $100,000+ ring, you also shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or experience while shopping for your engagement ring. And though it helps to do your research online, there’s nothing more valuable than looking around in-person to find the ring of your dreams.

Visit a Long’s store to browse engagement rings, and don’t be afraid to show a consultant your inspiration. Chances are, they know just the right ring to show you that will compare to (or even beat) the one you’re dreaming about. Plus, they can discuss with you pricing, financing and all of the details that will help make your engagement ring dream a reality.

So, celebrity or not, you can take the Lea Michele inspiration and run with it, or find the perfect ring unique to you at Long’s. Make an appointment now and start getting your Pinterest board ready.

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