What's Her Style?

What's her style?

For most women, the style of the ring itself is just as important as the diamond it holds. There are hundreds of styles available and most come in both gold and platinum. Here is a brief introduction to the major ring styles to help you find the right one:

  • Classic: Simple and timeless, including styles such as the solitaire, three-stone, and rings with diamonds along the shoulder.
  • Diamond Accent: Similar to classic, but with more diamond design for sparkle and a more individual statement
  • Diamond Halo: Have a ring of smaller diamonds around the center diamond, giving the illusion of a larger diamond ring
  • Diamond Intensive: Diamonds all over the ring that make a statement
  • Vintage: Range from delicate diamond work reminiscent of 50 to 100 years ago or an engraved style
  • Fancy Color Diamond: Include diamonds that feature other colors, such as pink or yellow diamonds