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Vintage-Inspired Rings

Not all women are meant to have a modern engagement ring. You may find that your girlfriend enjoys vintage style jewelry and would probably want a unique, vintage ring instead of a traditional style engagement ring.

When it comes to vintage rings, there are really two types to consider. You can still get a more modern ring with a vintage style, often called vintage-inspired engagement rings, or you can get an authentic vintage ring that has some history to it. Some women prefer the look of a vintage ring, but would still like to have it be new.

Choosing a more modern vintage-inspired ring allows you to ensure that the quality is solid, and there is less of a chance for slight imperfections that you might find in an authentic vintage ring. You'll also get a ring that is in great shape where the metal hasn't been worn in any way. If you think that this might be the style for her, take a look at a small selection of vintage-inspired designs we carry.

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Authentic Vintage Rings

Authentic vintage engagement rings range from delicate diamond work reminiscent of 50 to 100 years ago or an engraved style such as the rings featured below.

The great thing about vintage is that you can buy a new piece with a vintage style or you can find a previously owned or estate ring that has its own history. Second hand pieces are often great values. So, if you are looking for a vintage ring, you may want to seek out jewelers that offer older pieces in order to find a great, one-of-a-kind ring.

The rings featured here are authentic vintage rings that we have in our collection. Pieces in our collection are constantly changing, however, since they are each one-of-a-kind. So, you may be surprised to find some that are already sold out. Please take a look at our entire collection to see what else is available.

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