Three Stone Engagement Rings

Classic, Timeless Style

Three stone engagement rings are one of the most popular classic styles of rings that you can choose from. The three stone style has been around for decades, making it a timeless selection. It usually features one larger center stone accompanied by two smaller stones on either side.

This is a great style that creates a brilliant sparkle because of the additional two diamonds. While a solitaire engagement ring will feature one stone, the three stone creates an even larger appearance that takes up more volume on her finger.

Three stone rings can be made from almost any shaped diamond, including round, princess, and even marquise diamonds. Also, the stones on either side of the center diamond do not have to be the same shape. It's more common today to find something like a round diamond paired with two skinnier rectangular-shaped baguette cut diamonds on either side.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Your Past, Future & Present Love Story

One of the many reasons people love three stone engagement rings is because of their symbolism. Simply put, the three stones found in the ring represent your past, future and present love story.

With each stone representing a different part of your life, your present love story is continually changing to be your past story. And as you grow together as a married couple, your past love story will grow and will never be forgotten as symbolized by the third stone.

Your present love story will always be indicated by the largest center stone on the ring. Choosing a three stone ring for her will mean that your journey as a couple is always on her mind.



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