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Each Long’s Jewelers location has master craftsmen specializing in ring sizing, soldering of broken chains and bracelets, diamond and gemstone settings, and custom jewelry design. We also offer comprehensive watch repair services including crystal and stem replacements, new watchbands, replacement batteries, cleaning and refurbishing, and waterproofing of divers’ watches.

Important tips to preserving your diamonds for years to come:

  • Have your prongs checked every few months by a qualified jeweler. This is always a complimentary service at Long’s.
  • When purchasing diamonds, register and insure them with your homeowners insurance immediately.
  • Clean your diamond on a regular basis with the proper solution and bring it to a qualified jeweler for an ultrasonic bath and a steam clean. This is always a complimentary service at Long’s.
  • When storing your diamond jewelry, be sure to keep different diamond pieces from touching each other to avoid scratching. Wrap each piece in cloth or place each piece in a box or a pouch.