Modern Diamond Engagement Rings

Unique, Unexpected Designs

Modern style engagement rings put a fresh, new twist on classic styles. You will find all sorts of unique and interesting designs in modern style rings that you would never normally find. This is really what makes these rings modern as they offer a fun, new interpretation. Modern engagement rings are said to be chic and unique!

Some examples of modern style rings include different styles of diamond halos, like swirls or double halo rings where there are two layers of diamonds. You'll find bezel set rings, which are actually an older style that has become modern once again.

Modern style rings often feature "infinity" symbols in the design, like a criss-cross in the band of the ring. This is meant to be symbolic of your never-ending love story. You'll also find interesting details like two-tone bands that features two different types of metals or wide bands as opposed to more timeless, slimmer bands.

Colored & Dual-Tone Metals

One unique characteristic of modern rings is the mixing and matching of different metals. Yellow gold is typically the classic choice for an engagement ring. Only recently have white metals like platinum or white gold really become popular in the bridal industry.

Modern style engagement rings will feature metals that are typically not found in engagement rings designs, like rose gold. Rose gold is a softer, more feminine metal to choose for an engagement ring.

Other modern designs will feature dual-tone metals, combining colored metals like rose gold with white metals like platinum. This can either be for functionality or aesthetic appeal. Because platinum is one of the most durable metals, many designers will incorporate it in the head or prongs of the ring to hold the diamond securely in place. Then, they band of the ring will be a different color metals like gold or rose gold, to give the ring some unique flair. 



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