Meira T

Meira T understands that women want their jewelry to be noticeable and wearable and it is for this reason that the her mantra is “designed for a woman by a woman.” Meira T gets her inspiration from her European and Middle Eastern background. These inspirations are clear in all her designs. Sophistication, elegance, and trend are what drives this collection. Meira T’s pieces transition well from day to night allowing woman to feel beautiful all day long.

Meira T is available at Long’s Jewelers. If you live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire and have questions about Meira T jewelry or are looking for something specific, please call one of our stores during retail hours, see a list of locations and hours here, or call our central office at 781.262.5841 during corporate business hours (M-F, 9 to 5). You can also email or make an appointment in one of our stores.

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