Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamond engagement rings don't always have to be so traditional! Engagement rings can also feature other diamond colors, such as pink or yellow diamonds.

These special diamonds are called fancy color diamonds, and they offer something a little different from the traditional clear stone you'd find in most engagement rings. These accent colors can make for a beautiful ring that is as uniquely colorful as she is.

Naturally fancy colored diamonds are very rare. Only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds created naturally will be a fancy color diamond. These diamonds are sought after if they have a rich, vibrant color to them that will make a statement. A fancy color diamond is a bold and unique choice for an engagement ring.

Fancy color diamonds can be found in almost any color. The most popular colors that are often purchased are yellow, pink and blue diamonds. Other colors include gray, purple, brown, orange, and green. Pricing on these can really vary based on the quality and the rarity of the colored diamond.


Yellow diamonds, also known as "canary" diamonds, are formed from the concentration of nitrogen in the diamond's atomic structure. These diamonds are much more common than the other fancy colored diamonds, and demand for these diamonds has steadily increased over the years.

Yellow Diamond

Pink diamonds are very rare and are one of the most sought-after of all gemstones. These diamonds are the result of structural defects in regular diamonds that give it a pink hue. Pink diamonds are subjected to very high temperature pressure graining.

Pink Diamond

Blue diamonds are quite valuable and are often connected to wisdom, royalty, and prestige. These diamonds are formed by the presence of boron in the bonding of the diamond's atoms. The more boron that is present in the diamond, the more blue the diamond will appear.

Blue Diamond

Examples of Fancy Color Diamond Rings

Fancy Pink Diamond Ring



Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

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