Diamond Intensive Engagement Rings

Creative Styles. Big Diamond Look.

For some women, you can never have enough diamonds! They want diamonds all over the ring, and they aren't afraid to make a statement with their jewelry. That's why the diamond intensive style is perfect for any woman who isn't afraid of her ring being larger than life and completely blinding.

Diamond intensive engagement rings include heavily decorated halo rings, rings with rows of channel set, prong set or even pave set diamonds (derived from the French word meaning pavement, so picture a flat, diamond encrusted path).

The prices of diamond intensive styles can vary, but expect them to be anywhere from a little more to a lot more than the other ring styles. The amount of craftsmanship and work that needs to be done to create these works-of-art and the number of diamonds included in the design lead to a higher price point.

The Most Sparkle You Can Get

Diamond intensive rings are characterized by the extra diamonds that are added to the setting of the ring. Not only do they typically feature a large center diamond, they also have many diamonds along each side of the diamond as well.

This combination creates an incredible sparkle, more than any other style of ring could achieve on its own. The smaller diamonds included in the design all catch the light differently and reflect it back to your eye in a very appealing, intriguing way.

The diamond intensive styles is a great choice for a woman who isn't afraid to be bold and flashy with her jewelry or fashion choices.



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