Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Extra Sparkle & Volume

Diamond halo rings have a ring of smaller diamonds around the center stone, which gives the illusion of a larger diamond ring. The extra diamonds around the stone creates a second layer and more volume and surface area to the ring.

The smaller diamonds alongside the larger diamond will also create a greater sparkle. Smaller diamonds can be extra sparkly if they are well cut, so when they are paired with a larger diamond side-by-side, the sparkle of the halo ring can be truly blinding.

Halos can be built around any shaped diamond including round, square princess and cushion shaped diamonds. They can also be made of different stones, like light pink gemstones, to give the ring a pop of color.

We love halo styles for their delicate design and because they offer a great value for the look of the ring. However, they are not as sturdy as other classic styles, and you will have a higher chance of losing small stones and needing maintenance over the long haul.

Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

A Style Increasing In Popularity

Diamond halo engagement rings have becoming increasingly popular over the years for a few reasons. First, the diamond halo allows for you to achieve a brilliant sparkle for less money than a larger solitaire. It's one of the best ways to get a big diamond look without the hefty price tag.

Another reason the diamond halo style of engagement ring has become so popular is because it adds some extra style and personality to the ring. Simple diamond solitaire rings have been a longstanding, classic choice for engagement rings. They are timeless and elegant. But many modern women want something a little more unique with some personality. The diamond halo is a perfect way to achieve a sparkly, brilliant look that is also a bit different.


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