Complete Diamond Engagement Rings

Long's has a wide assortment of diamond engagement ring settings. Each of these can be combined with a center stone to create a complete engagement ring that can be affordable for you in a style that she loves.

Sometimes it can be hard to gauge at first how much a complete ring will cost, because the price of diamonds varies so much. A one carat diamond can range anywhere from $2,000 - $20,000 depending on a number of different factors. So, to help get a better understanding of what a complete ring may cost, Long's offers a few pre-set rings that already have the diamond included.

Some of the rings in the complete ring collection may surprise you. Did you know that you could get a beautiful platinum solitaire ring with a certified diamond from an award-winning jeweler, starting at $1,395? Solitaire engagement rings are the most classic style that has endured the test of time. These elegant rings will last a lifetime without going out of style. See full pricing below.

Long's Signature Collection Solitaire Diamond Rings

As part of our signature collection, we offer complete diamond solitaire rings that are pre-set with a center stone. All of these rings are set with 18K white gold with a durable platinum head.

½ Carat $1,150 (Loose), $1,395 (Complete Ring)
¾ Carat $2,250 (Loose), $2,675 (Complete Ring)
1 Carat $4,950 (Loose), $5,200 (Complete Ring)
1 ¼ Carat $6,350 (Loose), $6,750 (Complete Ring)
1 ½ Carat $8,950 (Loose), $9,200 (Complete Ring)

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