Should You Buy a New or Used Rolex?

Author Craig Rottenberg
Date Jun 30, 2014

Should You Buy a New Rolex or a Used Rolex?Purchasing something as important and valuable as a Rolex watch requires some careful consideration. It's important to consider the various reasons why you may or may not want a used version.

A lot of people assume we would always recommend a brand new Rolex; however, there are many reasons why purchasing a pre-owned Rolex may work for some people. Here are some of the different reasons supporting both sides of the decision:

Why you should buy a new Rolex

It’s a Rolex! This is the ultimate timepiece, manufactured to the highest standards and instantly recognizable as the standard of success. A new Rolex is always in pristine condition, and it comes with an extraordinary two year warranty. You know with 100% confidence that every part is original and includes the latest in Rolex technological advancements.

Rolex is constantly working to improve every last details of each timepiece, from the weight, feel and durability of the bracelet to the mechanism of the clasp, the performance of the movement and the materials in its cases, dials and bezels. If you were to hold a Rolex model manufactured today vs. what was made even just a few years ago, you’ll feel a tremendous difference.

Lastly, a Rolex typically holds its value better than virtually any other watch made today. An investment in a new Rolex would always a smart move.

Why you should buy a used Rolex

If you are on a budget and you aren’t in a position to buy a new watch, a previously owned Rolex is a great option and often a great value.

You’ll have a Rolex on your wrist at a price that can be 25% to 75% less than a new watch, depending on the condition and the age of the used piece. Sure, it won’t incorporate all of the latest improvements Rolex makes each year, and it might have scratches and dents. But most Rolex watches are built to last and you can still enjoy a second hand Rolex for years after the purchase.

Just make sure you get a warranty to ensure it runs correctly and get assurance that it is a genuine Rolex throughout with authorized parts. You run the risk of the visible parts of the watching being authentic, but the mechanics inside could be fake or from another manufacturer.

Many watch collectors collect both new timepieces and second hand watches because there is room for both!

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