4 Luxury Watches from House of Cards You Can Own

Author Sam Hussey
Date Jun 3, 2016

More than any other accessory or article of clothing, a nice timepiece can provide a window into a man's personality. Different luxury brands communicate different traits about the watch-wearing man.

Stylists for Netflix hit series House of Cards recognize the important message a timepieces sends about a character. The watch you wear is more than just a timepiece, it's a symbol of your ambition, maturity, success, and aspirations. The different watches on House of Cards coincide with the very distinct personalities and roles of each man.

Check out our 4 favorite luxury timepieces worn by House of Cards power players:

1) Breitling Navitimer

House of Cards Doug Stamper Breitling Navitimer Watch House of Cards Doug Stamper Breitling Navitimer Watch

A Breitling watch is precise, dependable, and durable; so it’s only fitting that we see this timepiece on Doug Stamper. Known for his ruthless efficiency and skill as a political ‘fixer,' White House Chief of Staff and former director of strategy, Stamper has become one of the show’s most sinister characters. Willing to go to any length to protect and serve Frank, he has proven his longtime loyalty throughout the show’s four seasons.

Unlike other luxury watches, Breitling’s rugged style is designed to withstand any situation. Wearing a Breitling Navitimer, Stamper juggles the duties of being Frank’s right-hand man with a timepiece as dependable and ruthlessly efficient as his character.

Like Stamper, a Breitling man isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to win in business and life. The perfect luxury timepiece for any watch enthusiast ready to take on new adventures!

2) Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Mechanical

House of Cards Seth Grayson Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Watch Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Mechanical

The most affordable of the timepieces we see in House of Cards is worn by Frank Underwood's Director of Communications, Seth Grayson. One of the younger players in the show, Seth Grayson's quick and cunning nature helps him climb the ranks into Frank's circle. The Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Mechanical he wears communicates his status as a young ambitious player in D.C. politics.

Known as a manufacturer of extremely durable, accurate, and affordable watches, the Victorinox Swiss Armyictorinox Swiss Army brand is well respected in the watch community. It's one of the most popular brands in the industry. The Victorinox man isn't interested in standing out or flaunting his watch; he values a durable and dependable piece. The simple signature military design makes these timepieces the perfect accessory for success in any occasion.

Victorinox is perfect for the man who wants a quality watch at a good value!

3) TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph

House of Cards Remy Danton TAG Heuer Monaco Watch TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph watch

TAG Heuer makes an appearance in this hit series on the wrist of Remy Danton, Underwood’s former press secretary and now Washington lobbyist. As a lobbyist working for powerful people like Underwood and Tusk, Remy is one of the wealthier players and has to care about what he looks like. Like Breitling, the TAG Heuer man values dependability and accuracy; however, he explores the more stylish trendy end of the watch world.

When it comes to luxury watches, TAG Heuer is known as one of the most innovative brands in the industry. No timepiece shows this better than TAG Heuer Monaco we see Remy wearing. One of TAG Heuer’s most unique collection, the eye-catching Monaco timepiece, is one of the bolder offerings from the luxury brand. A TAGHeuer man cares about the latest trends and is always dressed to impress.

4) Rolex Sea Dweller

House of Cards Paul Russo Rolex Sea Dweller Watch

Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller Watch

The legendary Rolex brand has long been a symbol of wealth and achievement. The "started-from-the-bottom” success story of Representative Peter Russo is emphasized throughout season one of House of Cards. Unlike other major players, Russo has a rough around the edges style that serves as a reminder of his climb to the top.

Indulgence in luxury items doesn’t mean throwing money away on the latest trend for the Rolex man. Maybe Peter purchased this Rolex Sea Dweller after being elected Congressman or after his first successful testimony against the shipyard closure in his hometown. One of the most popular watch brands in the world, Rolex is the timepiece of a man who recognizes his accomplishments and memorializes them with the crown that has come to be known worldwide as a symbol of success.

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