Celebrating The Full Rolex Experience In Boston

This May, Boston-based Long’s Jewelers is celebrating a significant achievement: the one-year anniversary of the city’s first Rolex boutique in the Back Bay shopping destination of Newbury Street. This two-story location allows customers to immerse themselves in the full Rolex experience, from selecting a timepiece to establishing a relationship with the team that will assist in the care of your watch for the rest of its life.

Most importantly, the team is trained with the necessary skills and technical know-how to help you make the choice that will last a lifetime. This is why, according to Long’s president Craig Rottenberg, the team aspires to ensure an unparalleled experience when visiting the boutique.

The Rolex Boutique on Newbury Street has been a dream of ours for the better part of a decade,” says Craig. “The project itself took nearly three years to move from concept, through design and to the construction to a finished store.”

The first order of business was finding the perfect location for the Rolex boutique, “Long’s knew that only a prestige location would be right for the store we envisioned and the first block of Newbury Street was our only choice,” says Craig. “We found an amazing two-story location that gave us the opportunity to create a unique, luxurious experience and a welcoming environment to showcase products and the services we offer.”

The space also allows visitors to discover an amazing array of Rolex models. “When visiting the Long’s Boston Boutique, clients will have access to view and try on different professional and classic models to identity the right size, color, and materials for their particular taste.”

"Long’s has been part of the Boston community for nearly 150 years, so we have deep roots and strong relationships,” adds Craig. Customers’ ability to experience timepieces first-hand in an elegant showroom “has helped us take those relationships to the next level.”

The 4,600 -square-foot space, located at 8 Newbury Street, is designed to welcome you to the world of Rolex. Deluxe but also inviting, the décor incorporates every aspect of the Rolex aesthetic, from its signature green color palette in its furnishings to the lighting that highlights the store’s selection of watches, which are displayed in showcases lined with leather and polished bronze hardware.

For first-time buyers and long-time collectors alike, nothing beats experiencing the fine finishes, the balanced weight, and simply the feel of a Rolex in person. Says Craig, “This uniquely comfortable space allows us to welcome our guests, connect with them, educate them about all things Rolex and get to know them better than ever, all at a special address in the heart of Boston’s luxury shopping block.

Rolex enthusiasts are diverse, and in its first year, the boutique has attracted many clients. “We’ve seen old friends, made many new ones and welcomed so many of Boston’s favorite athletes and celebrities, too! The positive and passionate feedback we have received from customers is like nothing I’ve seen before.”

What I love most about the space is the blending of the traditional and the modern. Guests are so comfortable in our store and love the entire experience, ranging from the traditional try-on to then working to digitally configure the watch of their dreams.”

Every watch is delivered in a beautiful presentation box that not only protects your timepiece, it also serves as a symbol of giving. Because provenance is important to many watch enthusiasts, the presentation box, also includes your watch's user manual, with instructions on how to use and care for your watch. The boutique will also fill out and date the Rolex guarantee card to certify your watch's authenticity. 

Quality is another key concern. Not just the chronometer-certified calibres or the meticulously crafted dials, cases and bracelets, but also the quality of the service associated with the watch over time. When you are ready to take your new Rolex home, the boutique will fully wind the watch, set the time, date and day, check the functions and verify the tightness of the crown. 

At Rolex, the customers are at the heart of all considerations and every process. Says Craig, “Our staff knows how to welcome guests, make them feel comfortable and welcomed, and then educate them across the board.”

And because your story is still being written, The Newbury Street boutique can help you adapt to any changes in your life. For example, Official Rolex Retailers have the expertise and tools to adjust the bracelet or strap of your watch to the perfect size and maximize your comfort. On metal bracelets, the service staff can add or remove any links as necessary and will place any excess links in your presentation box.

Rolex’s rigorous quality assurance includes a five-year international guarantee on all Rolex watches purchased from an Official Jeweler. But to maintain your timepieces, says Craig, “we have a fully operational watchmaking shop on-site, enclosed entirely in glass. Customers can see the fine machinery work offered by a master watchmaker as well as the modern technologies used to clean, fine-tune and repair their timepieces.”

As Long’s team celebrates a very successful first year in Back Bay, the team is already planning for the future. “One of our goals now is to bring the Rolex Boutique experience to all of our Long’s stores,” says Craig. “We are actively working on renovating and expanding our Rolex space within our suburban Long’s Jewelers to better welcome guests and give them the experience they love in Boston.” 

Craig continues, “Rolex is one of the finest brands in the world and we always believed that Boston deserved to have a cutting edge, beautiful Rolex experience for both residents and the countless visitors who come through every year. We take enormous pride in our role representing Rolex every day and helping people celebrate their lives with a Rolex timepiece!