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Why Choose Platinum?

Platinum: You knows it’s the best of the best. But do you know why?

Platinum has multiple qualities that make it the premier choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, and for good reason: it is pure, rare, and eternal. What better choice as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment? Platinum is perfect for a lifetime of everyday wear and actually grows stronger over time. Here are some of the reasons to choose platinum for your wedding and engagement rings:

Platinum is pure, naturally white, and is kind to the skin.

•Platinum is a naturally white metal so it will not cast any of its own color into a diamond.
•90% to 95% pure (by comparison 18 karat gold is 75% pure), platinum never fades or tarnishes and keeps its natural white color for a lifetime.
• The purity of platinum makes it naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

You want everything to be exceptional when you propose,
and nothing is more exceptional or perfect than
presenting a pure platinum engagement ring.

Platinum is rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals for centuries.

•Found in very few places around the world, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold.
•Because of platinum’s non-corrosive nature and strength, it is in high demand in industries other than jewelry, for items such as life-saving pacemakers and pollution-controlling catalytic converters.
•Like all rare things, platinum is valuable, and will hold its value over time.

Platinum, like true love, is precious and rare.

Platinum is eternal, with everlasting radiance and durability.

•Platinum’s unequaled durability and resistance to wear makes it the most secure and protective metal, which means your jewelry will be protected for a lifetime of wear.
•The density of platinum makes it more durable than other jewelry metals.
•Platinum does not change shape or wear away so precious stones are held firmly and securely. All precious metals scratch, but due to platinum’s density, when it is scratched, it is merely displaced, whereas gold loses small slivers of metal when scratched.

As the ultimate symbols of love and commitment, a platinum engagement ring and wedding bands are perfect for a lifetime of everyday wear.
And like your love, platinum grows stronger over time.


When you consider these key facts about platinum, you can feel self-assured knowing platinum is the very best metal for the three rings that must be perfect in every way.

This information has been adapted from information guides created by Platinum Guild International.

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