Limited Edition Boston Marathon Art Prints by Artist Misha Lenn

Since 1985, Long’s Jewelers has served as an Official Sponsor of the Boston Marathon, providing individual trophies for the race winners each year. We also provide licensed Boston Marathon merchandise to commemorate the historic race. New this year, we are adding limited edition art prints by award winning artist Misha Lenn. Misha’s depiction of the finish line at the Boston Marathon will be available for purchase both online and at the John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo prior to the 116th Boston Marathon.

Misha Lenn is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist who has developed a very distinctive style of watercolor painting. The complex patterns of Klimt, the elegance and grace of Degas, the romantic verve of Renoir, technical command of Monet and the vibrant energy of Toulouse Lautrec has been his primary influences. Their influence is recognized in his works as he combines elegant brush strokes with dazzling watercolor.

Movement and people are two major themes in Misha’s art, which made him a natural choice as an artist for this Boston Marathon painting. “You can see many shapes of color and details on my paintings, like a mosaic” says artist Misha Lenn, “I think it creates different layers of emotional influences to the viewer. In addition, musical scores are collaged into my paintings and have become my artistic trademark.”

Misha’s prestigious list of clients includes Calvin Klein, DKNY, Kentucky Derby, Harvard University, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Ballet, Time Magazine, Westminster Kennel Club, Godiva Chocolatier, just to name a few. We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a renowned artist for the historic Boston Marathon.

Misha was commissioned to create the image for the BAA Boston Marathon, but the process began long ago when Misha made the stained glass frieze for the Marathon Place next to the finish line. Misha etched black and white drawings of the Boston Marathon runners on the glass panels.

“…the process began with thinking and brain storming,  discussing different ideas and directions. Then the color sketches were done to find the best one – positions of the runners, color pallet etc.  After the initial sketches, I left it alone for a while, to let my thoughts form the vision. After a week or so, it became clear to me how I should proceed with developing the image, and I finalized the black and white sketch. Everybody was happy with my direction so I then started to work on the final watercolor.

The first impression of color is the most important. I always cover the whole painting at once to find the emotional relationship among colors. I paint fast, thinking and not thinking at the same time. After the water dries, I begin the second stage, which is to carefully bring the mass of color to life, to make the images real. Since the colors do not always connect the way I plan, I need to keep in mind how the image can evolve, and keep an open mind during the process.

In watercolor, the only way to fix something is to cover lighter colors with the darker ones, not the other way around. You can do this once or twice. You can see many shapes of color and details in my paintings, like a mosaic. I think it creates different layers of emotional influences to the viewer. Do not forget that I am a musician and musical scores are collaged into my paintings. It has become my artistic trademark.

The last stage of my creative process is adding a bit of colored pencils, and then the painting is completed. I put it aside one more time, and in a few hours or the next day, I revisit it for a fresh impression, and add any finishing touches.

This is the way this painting came to life…” – Misha Lenn

Prints are available in the Long’s Online Store. To inquire about purchasing a print or to obtain further information, please email websales [at]