Customer Testimonials: Long’s in Braintree

We love getting feedback from our customers who shop at Long’s. Day after day, we help people find something that’s just right for whatever occasion that brings them to our store – be it an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because. Whether someone is buying a diamond engagement ring for a wedding proposal, a new watch to celebrate a big promotion, or a piece of gold jewelry to commemorate a fiftieth anniversary, there is a story behind every purchase, and we strive to help you make it memorable. Moreover, our customer reviews help others in the area learn more about our business and what they can expect when they walk through our front door.

Here are a few customer testimonial excerpts from our Braintree location:

“100% Devoted. This is the only jeweler in the world that I would allow to work on my family heirlooms. Through this interaction they have become not only my family jeweler but my friends.”
- Carol

“Excellent experience! I visited Longs to shop for a new Rolex watch. I took my time on my first visit to Longs and then spent several weeks shopping around to multiple Jewelry stores in the Boston area to compare stock and also to get a sense of service and knowledge. Bottom Line: Long’s Jewelers in Braintree was the Best! John, their in house watch expert, treated me with respect right from the start and took me seriously and welcomed the opportunity to show me their fine collection of watches.
John took his time in educating me on the different features and capabilities of each watch. He engaged me in conversation to try to understand exactly what my wants and needs were and then showed me how different watches could match my needs. He was very patient and entertained multiple visits while I worked through making my final decision. He was very supportive and never once did I feel pressured at all. He even worked out a respectable allowance for my used watch and applied it toward the purchase price.”
- David

“The service that I received at Long’s was impeccable as was the quality. It is the only place I would ever go to buy fine jewelry. The sales staff makes you feel welcome and loves to educate their customers so they are confident about the purchases they make.”
- Matt