Keen on Pinterest: Uncommon Cufflinks

We are firm believers in accessorizing and making your own personal fashion statement. While it can be easy for both men and women to personalize their looks outside of the workplace in an informal or casual setting, making a fashion statement at work when the dress code is business or business casual can be a stretch for men who are bound to the dress shirt/pants/tie uniform. Today, we are celebrating the often overlooked men’s statement piece: Cufflinks!

Just as fashion jewelry can range from traditional and classic to bold and daring, so too can the cufflinks of modern day. Let your personality shine through a pair of uncommon or unique cufflinks. Here are some of our favorites via Pinterest:

authentic stadium seat cufflinks

watch movement cufflinks

tetris piece cufFlinks

ironman cufflinks

For more cufflink ideas, check out the Long’s Jewelers Pinterest page!