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Coming this Fall: Jan Leslie Cufflinks

Long’s is excited to announce that Jan Leslie, a designer line of sterling silver and 

hand painted enamel cufflinks, is coming to stores this fall!

Jan Leslie features a diverse collection of men’s accessories. Best known for her vibrant hand-painted enamels and stunning semi-precious stone collections, designer Jan Leslie continually rejuvenates and redefines menswear, no matter the season.

In the sterling silver hand-painted enamel collection, artisanal methods produce unique works of quality and understated elegance. The creative process begins with the study of the actual subject – insect, animal or otherwise. Next a wax prototype is sculpted then cast in sterling silver and polished smooth. The creation is then individualized through a technique of meticulously hand painting layers of enamel, creating the desired blend of color and luminescence. The overall process transforms a simple statement into a commissioned piece of art.

Jan Leslie magically reinterprets the world around her, creating completely new and beautiful forms. Her signature hand-painted enamel pieces in particular, oftentimes likened to paintings, represent the essence of the designer herself: artful, unique and inspired. Jan Leslie’s cufflinks are a thrill to wear and passion to collect.

Stop by Long’s Jewelers to see our new collection of designer cuff links!