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New at Long’s: MeiraT

We are excited to introduce MeiraT jewelry to our stores! It’s a great addition to our other unique fine jewelry lines and know it’s a great fit for our fashion forward customers.

About the designer:
MeiraT has always been a creative force in her family, professional, and social life. Meira was a vivacious child who loved to be outside in nature using leaves and sticks to construct jewelry. This innate passion for jewelry making followed Meira as she grew up and her love for jewelry intensified. As a teenager she served as a clothing buyer for her family’s retail stores in Germany where she grew up. Eventually Meira returned to her original calling; diamonds and jewelry. At the time Meira’s husband owned a thriving diamond company and she was given the opportunity to design a small collection. As the line gained popularity across the United States she began designing pieces that she was passionate about, developing her own gold color that was earthy and serene.

MeiraT gets her inspiration from her European and Middle Eastern background. These inspirations are clear in all her designs. Sophistication, elegance, and trend are what drives this collection. MeiraT’s pieces transitions well from day to night allowing woman to feel beautiful all day long.

As a woman MeiraT understands that women want their jewelry to be noticeable and wearable and it is for this reason that the her mantra is ‘designed for a woman by a woman.’

Stop by any Long’s location to see the latest from her collections… and maybe add it to YOUR personal collection!