10 Reasons to Love Jewelry

We know what you’re thinking: you don’t need a reason to love jewelry. Well, we have 10 reasons for you anyway! 1884 Collection compiled a list of 10 of the many reasons we LOVE jewelry:

10. Rings motivate you to get a manicure!
9. A new pair of earrings reminds him of how elegant you are.
8. Jewelry gives you the perfect excuse to put on a cocktail dress!
7. Jewelry tells a story (particularly the 1884 Collection!)
6. You can make your own version of a friendship bracelet.
5. Jewelry doesn’t care if you gain 5 pounds!
4. Jewelry can transform you from day to night.
3. Jewelry brings out your inner Elizabeth Taylor!
2. Marilyn said it right – diamonds are a girl’s best friend…
1. Finally, the gift of jewelry lets your loved ones know they are special to you!