March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Happy Birthday to all the March babies!

Many people born in March have the astrological sign Pisces and are known for their generous, emotional natures. You put the ones you love above everything else and your genuine personality attracts many friends. Pisces have great imaginations and are constantly coming up with creative ideas.

March’s birthstone is traditionally Aquamarine, although Bloodstone is also sometimes used.

Aquamarine: The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin word aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea. This gemstone was believed to protect sailors, as well as to guarantee a safe voyage. The serene color of aquamarine is said to cool the temper, allowing the wearer to remain calm and levelheaded. Its pale, cool color beautifully complements spring and summer wardrobes. Aquamarine is most often light in tone and ranges from greenish blue to blue-green; the color usually is more intense in larger stones. This gemstone is mined mainly in Brazil, but also is found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique. 

Bloodstone: The second birthstone for March is bloodstone, a dark-green jasper flecked with vivid red spots of iron oxide. This ancient stone was used by the Babylonians to make seals and amulets and was believed to have healing powers — especially for blood disorders. It is sometimes called the martyr’s stone as legend tells that it was created when drops of Christ’s blood stained some jasper at the foot of the cross. Generally found embedded in rocks or in riverbeds as pebbles, primary sources for this stone are India, Brazil, and Australia.

Celebrities who share your birth month include: Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Carrie Underwood, Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon.

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Partial information was sourced from the American Gem Society.