Vintage Find: Anheuser Busch Logo Pendant

Our pre-owned, vintage and estate department is always filled with unique pieces that tell a story, and every once in a while, we come across TRUE conversation pieces. This find is no exception: Take a look at this vintage Anheuser Busch Logo Pendant. Crafted circa 1930, this vintage piece of jewelry is made of silver, gold, rose cut diamonds, and rubies… fit for a king (or queen) of beers!

We did some research on the history of the Anheuser Busch logo. The logo is even older than Long’s Jewelers! The logo was originally designed in 1872, and the symbol was registered with U.S. Patent Office in 1877.

Anheuser Busch’s website states:

“According to the company’s statements at the time, the essential elements of the design were “…the capital letter A and the figure of an eagle standing on the American shield…” The original eagle had its wings folded back into the “A.” Around the turn of the century, one or both of the eagle’s wings were spread outside of the “A” in an uplifted, flying motion. In 1939, the Union shield of stars and stripes was replaced with a horizontal striped shield.”

Below is a graphic showing the various updates to the logo. It looks like our pin is modeled after the original logo. Learn more about the Anheuser Busch logo and its history here.