Summer Wedding Band Event Spotlight: Platinum Guild International

Everyone knows platinum is the best of the best when it comes to metal, but not everyone knows why. Platinum Guild International is here to help you learn and understand the benefits of the most precious of metals.

Platinum has multiple qualities that make it the premier choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, and for good reason: it is pure, rare, and eternal. What better choice as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment? Platinum is perfect for a lifetime of everyday wear and actually grows stronger over time. Some of the reasons to choose platinum for your wedding and engagement rings are:

Platinum is pure, naturally white, and is kind to the skin.
You want everything to be exceptional when you propose, and nothing is more exceptional or perfect than presenting a pure platinum engagement ring.

Platinum is rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals for centuries.
Platinum, like true love, is precious and rare.

Platinum is eternal, with everlasting radiance and durability.
As the ultimate symbols of love and commitment, a platinum engagement ring and wedding bands are perfect for a lifetime of everyday wear. And like your love, platinum grows stronger over time.

Would you like to learn more about platinum? View the Long’s Jewelers guide to platinum, or visit for an extensive overview of the benefits of choosing platinum wedding rings or engagement rings.

Better yet, stop by our Summer Wedding Band Event taking place at Long’s in Burlington Thursday, Friday and Saturday August 1, 2 & 3, 2013 to learn about the difference between platinum and other metals. Oh, and did we mention that you can also enter to win $1,500 towards your honeymoon, courtesy of The Platinum Guild, when you visit the Summer Wedding Band Event? All the more reason to mark August 1, 2 and 3 on your calendar for the best time to buy your wedding rings!