Boston Diamond Challenge Spotlight: Lazare


Founded in 1903, Lazare Kaplan has become the premier diamond-cutting company in the world. Its tradition of excellence gives those who buy a Lazare Diamond the confidence that they have made the finest choice. The owner of a Lazare Diamond possesses not only the world’s most beautiful diamond but also a share in one of the richest traditions in the diamond world.

Lazare celebrates its illustrious history. Building on tradition and a commitment to excellence, Lazare Kaplan has been the leader in industry innovation; the first to cut diamonds to ideal proportions, the first to laser inscribe diamonds, and the first to offer its uniquely brilliant diamond as a brand.

The company’s founder Lazare Kaplan once said, “I am passionate about cutting each diamond as beautifully as possibly.” Today, the company remains dedicated to cutting the world’s most beautiful diamond, and continues to maintain the highest standards in the diamond industry, cutting every Lazare diamond for optimal brilliance, scintillation and fire.

What is an ideal cut stone?

In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky, a cousin of Lazare Kaplan, developed a set of mathematical proportions for a round brilliant cut diamond. It was designed to produce the greatest brilliance. Every Lazare diamond is ideal cut. When a diamond is ideally cut, light rays from all sides are bent towards the center of the stone and are reflected back through the top in a blaze of light. If a diamond isn’t ideally cut, light will “leak out” through the sides or bottom of the diamond.

Take the Boston Diamond Challenge at any of Long’s five locations September 1 through September 30 to see if you can choose which diamond is the ideal cut, Lazare stone. Take the challenge and you’ll be entered to win the grand prize, a $15,000 ideal cut solitaire diamond and platinum engagement ring from Long’s & Lazare, the World’s Most Beautiful Diamond!