Boston Diamond Challenge Spotlight: Yale Appliance

We are excited to have Yale Appliance as a sponsor in our upcoming Boston Diamond Challenge. One lucky contestant will win a new Weber Grill!

Yale has been around since 1923 as a family-owned company and has survived and grown through Great and not so great depressions. They have always prided themselves on being a truly service oriented company, not just about an expansive 25,000 square foot display or even the sales expertise of highly trained salespeople. Service is not even about a low pressure environment, where clients can choose between every major brand without hassle or be protected by the industries best price guarantee.

It’s quite simply actual service. Delivery and product service are the largest departments within Yale at 65 people and 25 vehicles. It is their commitment to you to deliver properly without damage and fix problem products quickly. Buying an appliance, lights and plumbing at Yale is about the sales and especially the service experience.

Take the Boston Diamond Challenge at any of Long’s five locations September 1 through September 30 where Yale Appliance will be offering a chance to win a Weber Grill!