Boston Diamond Challenge Spotlight: Bowers & Wilkins

We’re very excited to have the sound experts, Bowers & Wilkins, as a sponsor for our Boston Diamond Challenge! Bowers & Wilkins has one main goal; to make the world’s best speakers. After hearing the crisp, clear sound of your favorite music streaming from your B&W speakers, you’ll see that they’re reaching – if not exceeding – their goal. B&W has created the world’s most advanced home cinema and hi-fi speakers, Wireless Music Systems, and high-performance mobile headphones.

There’s a pretty good chance that many of your favorite songs were first heard through Bowers & Wilkins speakers. After all, they are chosen by the best producers in leading recording studios around the world. At Abbey Road, the world’s most famous recording studio, sound equipment must offer nothing less than the best sound quality. In all three main studios at Abbey Road, you’ll find B&W sound equipment to monitor the output of the most demanding artists.

Take the Boston Diamond Challenge at any of Long’s five locations September 1 through September 30 where Bowers & Wilkins will be offering a chance to win your very own B&W Wireless Speaker Package including the impressive P5 Headphones, Z2 Apple iPod Dock and the A5 Wireless Speaker!

P5 Headphones – Noise isolating mobile hi-fi headphones
Get closer to your favorite music wherever you are with the P5 noise-isolating headphones. They provide remarkably natural and highly detailed sound on the move, with a luxuriously comfortable fit.

Z2 Wireless IPod speaker – Great sound, versatile design
The best of all worlds – amazing sound, effortless wireless streaming with AirPlay®, a Lightning™ connector for docking the latest generation of iPhones® and iPods® and a design that fits almost anywhere. Versatility, convenience and stunning performance; Z2 is the dock that has it all.

A5 Wireless Speaker – Convenience without compromise
Purity, simplicity, stunning sound. A5 is built from the ground up to deliver the best in high-quality audio and intuitive wireless streaming from Apple’s AirPlay®, in a discreet system that fits almost anywhere.