Gurhan Jewelry Event

Join us for a fall celebration of Gurhan jewelry from Thursday November 7 to Sunday November 10 at Long’s Jewelers in Burlington! See the very latest jewelry designs from this season as well as one-of-a-kind gems you can’t find anywhere else.

Jewelry designer GURHAN is renowned for pioneering the revival of pure 24 karat gold jewelry. Before Gurhan, pure gold jewelry had not been made since ancient times. In recent years, Gurhan has added pure platinum and pure silver to his repertoire, creating for his followers options in white metal and at different price points. Gurhan has now introduced an entirely new direction in his designs, a new line, “4/24″, using an early Ottoman alloy containing 4 karats of gold and combines it with his signature pure 24 karat gold.

Gurhan jewelry is also known for its distinctive aesthetic, featuring the evidence that every piece is painstakingly hand made from scratch. The hand hammering and natural imperfections, resulting from the handcrafting, are regarded as Gurhan’s fingerprints on his jewelry.

Gurhan Jewelry Event
Thursday November 7 through
Sunday November 10
Only at Long’s in Burlington