6 Exquisite Estate Pearl Earrings for June [Just-In]

Author Long's Jewelers
Date May 31, 2016

What better way to welcome June than with a vintage pearl piece for your estate collection?

Everyone loves the classic elegance of a pearl. The oldest gem known to man, June's birthstone has long been a symbol of innocence, beauty, purity, and new beginnings. Unlike all other birthstones, Pearl is the only gem made up of organic matter, created by a living creature.

The natural beauty of this timeless gem paired with yellow gold is one of our favorite combinations! Here are 6 exquisite pearl earrings from our extensive estate jewelry collection that live up to the birthstone's distinct legacy.

1) Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

ESER4444 || $585 || SHOP NOW

These stunning pearl earrings are the perfect combination of creativity and elegance. The unique cluster design on each stud features 7 pearls ranging from 0.3mm to 0.5mm. Yellow gold ovals extend outward in between each pearl giving the studs a floral design. This truly unique piece would be a prize for any estate jewelry collector!

2) Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl and Diamond Earrings

ESER4312 || $1700 || SHOP NOW

These gorgeous mabe pearl and diamond studs speak for themselves! The classic elegance of the large pearl centerpiece pairs perfectly with the sparkle and shine of the 48 surrounding diamonds. We love how the yellow gold setting pops against the white pearl and diamonds. These stunners would make the perfect addition to any estate collection!

3) Yellow Gold Pearl Drops

Yellow Gold Pearl Drops

ESER4035 || $580 || SHOP NOW

Looking for something a little more creative? These vintage pearl drops are the earrings for you! Set with eight 2mm pearls and twelve 4mm pearls, the intricate Spanish design of the yellow gold earrings make this estate piece a prize. Stand out from the crowd with these elegant, fun, and creative pearl earrings.

4) Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

ESER4467 || $380 || SHOP NOW

These are no ordinary pearl earrings. The edgy, geometric design of these yellow gold pearl earrings is truly one of a kind. Each suspending a 6.20mm pearl, this inventive spin on classic pearl drops is one you won't find anywhere else.

5) Yellow Gold Baroque South Sea Pearl Earrings

Yellow Gold Baroque South Sea Pearl Earrings

ESER4426 || $585 || SHOP NOW

Looking for a more refined piece to add to your estate collection? These exquisite baroque earrings are what you've been dreaming of! The intricate leaf design of the yellow gold setting suspends 2 brilliant South Sea pearls.This sophisticated piece is one of our favorites in the collection.

6) Yellow Gold Pearl and Diamond Drops

Yellow Gold Pearl and Diamond Drops

ESER4249 || $585 || SHOP NOW

Take a look at these unique pearl and diamond drops! Set with 2 pearls, the geometric yellow gold design suspends four round cut diamonds. We love the way the diamonds sparkle against the artistic 18K gold setting leading to the elegant pearls. This exquisite piece would be a prize to any estate jewelry collector's jewelry box!

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