A Long's Proposal Story: Molly & Justin

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Aug 25, 2017

We love this perfect, tropical proposal on the beach! Read on to see how Justin surprised Molly with her amazing, new ring in Aruba. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

molly-and-justin3.jpg"I met Justin through one of my older brothers, Eric. They have been friends for about 17 years. Justin and I have been official for 6 years, and now we are looking forward to our upcoming wedding!"

How did he propose?

"We are in the process of looking for our first house, so we weren't planning on taking a big trip. After a few conversations about going/not going on vacation, we decided to just book it! And, I'm so glad we did! We flew down to Aruba the second week of May, right after Justin's birthday. Both of us had never been to Aruba, and we had gone down on recommendations from friends and co-workers.

The first day we landed midday, so we hung out on the beach and then went to dinner. The next day, Justin had told me he had made reservations at a restaurant called The Screaming Eagle and had already arranged for a taxi to pick us up. A few weeks before, some of our friends on Facebook had commented on my posts encouraging us to try the Screaming Eagle Restaurant (turns out, Justin instructed our friends to comment on Facebook, encouraging us to go there because it was the location closest to where he wanted to propose!).

Justin had planned to have the taxi take us a little early to the restaurant, so when we pulled up, he took my hand and said, "Let's walk across the street to the beach since we're a little early." As we turned the corner, I noticed a table set up on the sand with purple flowers (my favorite color!) and my favorite snacks, chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, and a bottle of champagne, all with the backdrop of the most beautiful sunset. Justin led me over to the table and asked for my promise ring. I have worn my promise ring since our first anniversary with the hopes that this day would come. I gave him the ring, and he kneeled down and asked me to be his forever! He had even hired a photographer to capture the moment and a wedding proposal planner to set everything up!

molly-and-justin2.jpg molly-and-justin-ring-285879-edited-345203-edited.jpg

Justin is a true gentleman. On Easter, without my knowledge, he asked my mom and dad for their permission to marry me! Cheers to us babe, the future Mr. and Mrs. Narducci!"

Tell us about the engagement ring!

"I love my ring! It's all I have ever wanted and more! It's a round cut diamond set into a 4 prong head with a cushion shape halo. The platinum band has diamonds halfway down. The bottom of the band is flat, so that it feels more natural on surfaces."

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