A Long's Proposal Story: Megan & Joe

Author Lexi Valhouli
Date Mar 16, 2017


Sometimes keeping it simple is best and that's exactly how Megan felt about her surprise engagement to her now fiance, Joe. Read on to see how Joe surprised Megan with a perfect proposal and her dream ring, making their trip to Hawaii even more special. On behalf of the entire team at Long's, congratulations and best of luck!

How did the two of you meet?

"We met at a bar in Boston while I was visiting on a girl's weekend in the city. We talked everyday for three months (thank god for Facetime!) before I agreed to come back up to visit. When I came back we committed to each other and then only a few months later I agreed to move to Boston for him. When you know, you know, right?"

How did he propose?

"There was no elaborate surprise or grand gesture but that's exactly what made it perfect. The morning he did it we were leaving for Hawaii. It was 4:00 am when he and I were running around getting ready. I went in to our bedroom one last time to grab my luggage when Joe had asked me to turn off a light across the room. When I turned back around, he was down on one knee and asked 'Wanna marry me?' I immediately said 'what ,are you kidding me, this better not be a joke!' Then he opened the box and I knew it was the real deal. The proposal was perfect, and in true Joe style. The best part of the story is that Joe had thrown me off for weeks so I did not expect it at all (the way it's suppose to be, right?). We went to Long's to 'look' at rings about three weeks before he popped the question. Little did I know that day I would be choosing my ring. At the appointment Joyce did a wonderful job throwing me off. She told us that it would take eight weeks to make the ring and that Joe and I should look at the Burlington location too. This all was a perfectly played act to throw me off, and it worked. Joe had the ring for about one and a half weeks before he asked and hid it in the cabinet above the fridge (clearly I cannot reach). Our proposal story may not be the most elaborate but it was perfectly fitting for us."

Tell us about your engagement ring!

"Cushion cut solitaire; the band has small diamonds on the side and is very thin. I have small fingers so keeping the ring very feminine and timeless was exactly what I wanted."

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