A Long's Proposal Story: Lauren & Tom

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Dec 27, 2019

A trip to New York City and a walk through Central Park end in tears of happiness! Read on to see how Tom surprised Lauren with her stunning, new ring. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

"Tom and I met at work, just a few cubes away from each other (still true today), and got to know each other better because we played on the same softball team (and still do today!). I would drive him home after the games, and we would talk about everything while listening to all my burned CDs from high school. Almost five years later, he tells everyone we are together breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"

How did he propose?

"On our first date, almost five years ago, we went to the Frog Pond in the Boston Commons for ice skating. It was great, not that busy, not too cold, and we were able to just enjoy the sights and sounds. We still weren't sure about one another's feelings, but enjoyed each others company the most; we were best friends. As we walked around the Commons, we crossed a bridge and shared a moment where I thought he was going to kiss me, which would have been perfect, but he didn't and I thought 'Well, he must not like me that much...' Today, we always talk about that moment - me giving him a hard time and laughing together about our first hangout.

Lauren-and-Tom-proposal2 Lauren-and-Tom

This past weekend, after four and a half years together, Tom planned an amazing trip to New York City. His brother Tim and girlfriend Brittany joined us on the weekend adventure together to enjoy Christmas in the city. On the Friday night we arrived, we made plans go to Central Park before our dinner reservation to check out the skating rink that is in all the movies. As we started walking over Gaptown Bridge, Tom slowed me down and began talking to me (meanwhile Brittany and Tim were way ahead of us,and I thought we needed to catch up!). He took my hand and said, 'Do you remember the Frog Pond, and when we walked across that bridge?' I was still walking, and said 'Yes I remember.' Then I turned my head, and he was down on one knee in the middle of the bridge. He continued, 'I have regretted that I didn't kiss you on that bridge everyday, and will never miss that opportunity again. Lauren, will you marry me?' At this moment I blacked out so I only remember the intro and maybe a little at the tail end because I was already bawling my eyes out from pure happiness and having zero expectations this was how the night was going to unfold. After he stood up, I continued to cry, and said, 'Yes!!' He could not have planned a more perfect night for us to begin our life together forever. I can't wait to share this story with everyone for years to come."

Lauren-and-Tom-ring2 Lauren-and-Tom-ring

Tell us about the engagement ring!

"It is an amazing customized two carat oval cut diamond ring sitting on top of a beautiful diamond whisper band. It's gorgeous, and everything and anything I could have ever asked for!"

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