A Long's Proposal Story: Lauren & Gregory

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021


This proposal story had us feeling like we were actually there! We could feel all the nerves, excitement and joy of the moment. Congratulations Lauren and Gregory on your engagement. Your happiness and love is infectious!

Re-live the moment as told by Lauren, and take a peek at her stunning halo engagement ring:

How did you two meet?

"Gregory and I met at my best friend's wedding. His brother was the groom and my best friend, the bride. Gregory was the best man and I was the maid of honor and everything just seemed to fall into place from there. He was living in Boston at the time and I moved to Boston for school later that year. It was the best decision I've ever made. Little did we know that later we would discover we grew up in the same area, went to rival high schools, and ended up having a couple years of overlap at the same university in California. Our paths crossed unknowingly so many times, but we found each other at the perfect time."

We love this Boston picturesque proposal! What are all the details?

"We were in the process of moving across the country to be closer to our families in California. Our apartment was pretty much all packed up with the exception of our mattress on the floor and the Tupperware we were using as our fine dining ware. We had borrowed our friend's car to run some last minute errands on Monday, July 25th and to get to an appointment for Greg to finish his tattoo.

We went to his appointment and were on our way back to Arlington from Jamaica Plain when we had the idea to stop at the BU bridge one last time before we left Boston. This was a special spot for us because it was one of the first places we met each other in the city. I remember about a year and a half ago walking from the Cambridge side and Greg walking from the BU side to meet in the middle and enjoy the view of the skyline together. So, on that Monday, we decided to park and walk over to the bridge to enjoy that perfect view one last time.

When we parked Greg grabbed his messenger bag from the backseat and threw it over his shoulder. At the time, I thought it was a bit odd because he never carries it if he doesn't need to but I didn't really read too much into it. We walked over the bridge to the halfway spot reminiscing about our first time on that bridge together in that same spot. And we enjoyed the view for a while and snapped some photos, took a couple selfies and all that jazz. Then Greg thought it would be nice to have someone take our picture. He asked a young kid walking on the bridge to take our picture, the kid did not seem at all enthused about it. He snapped a photo and continued to move along.


Greg saw an older woman coming our way and asked if we could just wait for her to take our picture instead. So we waited, she was a good two minutes walk from us, and when she got to our spot Greg asked again if she would take a picture for us. He hands his phone over and proceeds to grab in his bag for something, at this point my heart starts beating a little quicker, next thing I know he's down on one knee with a box! Greg starts to speak (I'm freaking out with excitement and tears) and the woman says the phone isn't working! She keeps trying to snap a photo and it wouldn't register. She hands the phone to Greg and he snaps a photo to tell her it's working. She tries again, same result. It's not working! We figured out later that she was holding down the capture button and taking bursts of photos but didn't get us in. So, Greg tells me to give her my phone. This time it works!! She's snapping photos and he is proposing! I can't stop smiling or shaking, the love of my life is proposing to me! The weather was beautiful, the ring was perfect, and I couldn't be happier. It was the best day ever!"

That's a fantastic story! And what about that new sparkly Long's engagement ring?

"He chose the perfect ring. It's a round diamond with a halo setting and small diamonds about halfway down the band. It fit perfectly. Meant to be."

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