A Long's Proposal Story: Katie & Brett

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Nov 24, 2017

A little rain won't stop this proposal! Read on to see how Brett surprised Katie with her stunning, new ring while on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

"It's a long story..."

How did you propose?

katie-and-brett-ring-342626-edited.jpg"Every year Katie goes on a family vacation to run the Falmouth Road Race and as long as we have been dating I had yet to make the trip with them. This year, I finally planned on joining them. Katie and I decided to go a day ahead of the rest of the family so she could show me around. Katie looks forward to this weekend so much and calls Falmouth her "happy place" so I knew this would be the perfect weekend to get engaged!

Surprisingly, despite going to Falmouth for years, she had never been to Martha's Vineyard so we decided it would be fun for us to go that since I had never been either. We got up early Friday, left for Falmouth, and then it started to rain. Once we got there we walked over to the ferry, headed towards Martha's Vineyard, and then it started to rain even harder. Katie always laughs at how little I pack when we go away, and this time she was right! I forgot to bring a jacket or even a sweatshirt so I was soaked by the time we finally landed in Martha's Vineyard.

katie-and-brett1.jpgAll this time I was trying to hide the big ring box in my soaking wet shorts pocket. As we started to sight see, I knew I had to figure something out soon so I asked an employee at a store if there was anything scenic nearby. He told me there was a famous light house just a 10 minute walk from where we were. So I said Katie let's go the lighthouse! At this point the rain was coming down almost sideways so as soon as we got there I proposed and Katie never saw it coming! Luckily there just happened to be a guy fishing with his three sons so he was able to get some great pictures for us.

While I couldn't control the weather, it makes for a great story and an amazing weekend! Her family came down the next day and were so excited for us! We are already looking forward to going to Falmouth next year and taking a trip back to the Vineyard, hopefully the weather will be better next year..."

Tell us about the engagement ring!

"Katie and I had been looking so I knew she liked a round diamond and wanted something that would always be in style, as opposed to what is just currently trendy now. After looking for a very long time we saw some from Ritani that we both liked. It is a round diamond with diamonds on the band and diamonds on the base of the setting. She absolutely loves it!"

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