A Long's Proposal Story: Katherine & Matthew

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021


Congratulations Katherine and Matthew, our latest Long's couple! This story will have you in tears. Read all about this beautiful proposal story followed by a perfect shot of Katherine's stunning Long's engagement ring:

How did you meet?
"We met while in graduate school at Northeastern University. We started there in August of 2013 and started dating May of 2014! We finished our Master's in College Student Development and Counseling in May of 2015."

We want to hear all about the proposal!


"So Matt was just getting home from a bachelor party and Katherine was in sweatpants on the couch watching a Say Yes to The Dress marathon. Matt came home and asked Katherine to go out on a date night at a surprise location! Katherine knew something must have been up, but decided to go with it and not ask too many questions.

Matt revealed that they were headed to Boston's North End but would not share what restaurant. Katherine noticed Matt was a little flustered as it had just finished raining, but she was not concerned. After parking in our normal parking garage (it's only $2 with validated parking!!) we headed for the botanical walkway in the North End Park. Katherine commented on some of the flowers, especially the flowers that looked like big pom poms! Matt instead of focusing on the funny looking flowers, found a beautiful pink rose bush in full bloom to stop at.

Matt pulled Katherine and said, "Katherine, you know that I love you very much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." That's about all that Katherine can remember as this is when she instantly started crying, tears, fogged glasses, and red nose included. Matt said a few other cute things and got down on one knee, and started crying himself. He then asked Katherine to marry him and which point she was crying so hard she couldn't breathe to say yes. Matt nervously and jokingly said, "Please say yes!" to which Katherine responded after a deep breath with a "yes"! As they looked up over the entrance way to Hanover Street there was a rainbow leading directly to them. It looks like that annoying rain paid off after all!

And that stunning Long's engagement ring?
"It's obviously perfect! It is a white gold Ritani compass setting which gives it a vintage feel while still accommodating the modern woman."


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