A Long's Proposal Story: Jocelyne & Andrew

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 24, 2017


Congratulations to Jocelyne and Andrew on their recent engagement! We were thrilled to see that Jocelyne loved her stunning engagement ring, and we couldn't have been happier to help Andrew pick out the perfect ring. We love every detail of their proposal, as told by Jocelyne:

"Drew and I always go to Marco Island, Florida every year. This particular year was special because we had decided that we were going to move across the country together in a few short months from the trip.

Our favorite past time on the island is looking for shells on the beach. Drew and I were walking along the beach at sunset one of the nights when he called me over to see a "shell" that he just found. He did not have a shell in his hand but an engagement ring! He barely had to even ask me the question "will you marry me?" before I was hugging him, and we were both laughing out of excitement and happiness... I then pulled myself together said "obviously I will marry you."

As we walked back down the beach he was so excited to tell me all the details of how he picked out the ring... and also how, just a few minutes before he proposed he thought he lost the ring in the ocean! He was carrying it in his pocket without the box or anything so that it would be obvious to me what was about to happen. (Luckily after a few minutes of panic he decided to ask me as soon as he found the ring safe in his pocket.) As the sun went down over the gulf we sat happily together enjoying the view (but I couldn't stop staring at my beautiful ring)."


And tell us a little bit about this beautiful engagement ring!

"Platinum ring with a 1 carat round diamond and a channel diamond setting."

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