A Long's Proposal Story: Jesslyn & Bobby

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021


This proposal story is so beyond words! A big congratulations to Jesslyn and Bobby on their recent engagement from the entire Long's family. What a special story this is, as shared by Jesslyn:

"On July 31st, the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA was hosting a Roarin’ 20's lawn party. It was opened to the public, but you needed to purchase tickets in advance. Two of my friends went last year and had a great time. When I saw the pictures I knew I needed to go whether I was single or not because I love that era.

I had met my now fiancé, Bobby, last year in September of 2015. I quickly learned he loved the 20's era as well. I told him about this party and we both decided we must go! So I purchased tickets for us. As the event got closer I kept finding out that other friends were joining as well. The day of the party, I found out about 20 of my friends were going to be dressing up in 1920's attire as well. Having this many friends attending was not surprising to me at all as we are more of a big close-knit family that do many things together.

Fast forward to July 31st. I got ready and was impatiently waiting for Bobby to arrive at my house so I could help him get ready and we could go. When he arrived he was fiddling outside of his truck so I started to tell him to hurry up because we were running late. My Mom was telling me to wait and that he's probably trying to get his stuff together. Little did I know, my mom knew he was fiddling with a ring! Bobby came into my house as my mom and I hurried to help him get dressed to the nines. He was the one who drove us down to Ipswich. On the hour and a half drive he was a little quiet. I had asked him if everything was ok and he replied that he just wanted to get there. However, he was actually quiet because he was about to pull off the biggest surprise of my life.

We arrive at the Crane Estate where we are greeted by friends. We get a drink and listen to some music and enjoy the party. At one point Bobby asked me if I wanted to walk around and check the place out. So we walked around the grounds. I was just enjoying the scenery but Bobby was picking out the perfect place to ask me the big question. We walk back to where our friends are and one of my friends who is a professional photographer says she wants to get a big group photo at the top of hill at the Estate.


We make our way up and down the hills to the top where now the Estate is behind us in the distance. We all gather together while my friend sets her camera up to take the photo. We take one group photo and then my friend announces she wants a group photo with the ocean in the background. We rotate so now the ocean is behind us and the Estate is in front of us. After that group photo, I knew couple photos were up next. I didn't expect Bobby to be so eager to go first as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front. But nothing tipped me off as to what was about to happen next. Bobby pulls a blue box out of his pocket and kneels to the ground. As my glance makes its way back to him I am shocked and surprised to see him kneeling there. My face in the photos my friend captured says it all. He then opens the box and I see the ring. At that moment I am overwhelmed with every happy emotion possible that I fall to my knees and start to cry as Bobby says the words "Doll face, will you marry me?" I knew I was the luckiest girl in the World. To have the perfect notebook proposal from the perfect guy with my friends standing by screaming and hollering, I couldn't have asked for anything more.


Later, I find out about the big secret. Bobby asked my dad on May 1, 2016 at Greek Easter. He had a secret Facebook group message so that my friends at the 20's party all knew what the day would entail. I also found out that he had the ring for 2 months before he proposed. He pulled off the biggest surprise of my life and put so much care and thought into it that I knew I said yes to my forever guy.

This is my friend Jenna's blog of the photos from the engagement: http://www.jennaburpee.com/jesslynbobbyproposal/


My ring is a 1/2 carat solitaire diamond with 6 prongs and a low setting. It couldn't be more perfect! Thank you Long's for helping Bobby pick out the perfect ring!"

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