A Long's Proposal Story: Jennifer & Axel

Author Long's Staff
Date Jul 19, 2019

A walk through Post Office Square ends with a big surprise! Read on to see how Axel surprised Jennifer with her lovely, new ring. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

"We met at church."

How did you propose?

"A couple days prior to the engagement, I called one of Jen's closest friends asking her to help me distract Jen for me for a few minutes while I took the time to speak with her mother. When Jen's friend took her outside to "talk to her," I took that moment to open up to Jen's mom about where I feel Jen and my relationship stood, and asked her for her blessing and Jen's hand in marriage. She gladly gave me her blessing. We hugged, a little teary eyed, and she told me she would be happy to call me her son. A few minutes later Jen walked back in, and we pretended everything to be normal.

The day of the proposal started normal like any other beautiful Sunday. The weather was perfect, the sky was clear and blue, and the sun was shining. I had told Jen we were going out to a nice dinner for my mother's birthday since it was coming up later in the week. We drove in to Boston and headed to Post Office Square. There were some people walking around the park since it was still light out, but the sun had already started to set. As we made our way down the walkway with all the lights on it, I pointed out a book that was sitting on one of the benches underneath the lit dome. I picked the book up and presented it to her. On the cover it read, "Our Story, July 14, 2019." She took the book, and then proceeded to flip through. Each page had a different caricature of us on it. In the book I described all the things I love about her such as her smile, her eyes, and the way we are open and honest with each other. As we looked through the book together she seems confused at first, but as we get towards the end, tears started running down her eyes.

At that moment I started getting more nervous and teary eyed as well knowing the big moment was about to come. She looked up at me, and I took the book from her hands. I took a step closer to her and proceeded to tell her what I have loved about our relationship these past two years. I continued to tell her how amazing it has been being together, and that I am so grateful for her and how we have grown together.I told her I see her as my life partner, and that I love her at least three times during my speech. I then took a knee, opened up the wooden box I got to hide the ring in, presented the ring to her and asked her to marry me, as tears started rolling down both our cheeks. She said yes, and I replied with, "Really?" and she said yes again. I then got up to kiss and hug her with every bit of my being. As we kissed, everyone in the park started clapping and our friends that were hiding came out to cheer us on. One of my good friends is a photographer and took some amazing shots of us during and after the moment for which we will be forever grateful.

Everything that led up to the day of our engagement had been well thought of and planned for, with possible contingency plans in case of weather or date changes. The whole planning process took about five months and keeping that secret was difficult, but totally worth it. My closest friends helped me plan the location, time, and even the book and lights, which they set up for us. We've never felt so much support and happiness from our friends and family than that moment and the days after. For us it truly is a blessing to know we have that much love and support for one another as well as from others, and we are absolutely grateful for all of it. Now time to plan the wedding! We will definitely be going back to Long's Jewelers for our wedding bands."

Tell us about the engagement ring!

"The ring has a .5 carat center diamond and is set in a rose gold and diamond twist band. The diamond itself shines bright and is highly reflective and clear."

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