Four Tips to Follow for the Best Ring Shopping Experience

Author Taylor Rao
Date Aug 8, 2018

Image courtesy of Jenna Vassallo

As soon as you become engaged, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is, “Were you surprised?” You’ll be flashing your newly-decorated ring finger, telling the proposal story and reflecting on how best to answer that question among all the well wishes and excitement coming your way.

And yes, while the proposal itself might come as a surprise (and even if it doesn’t: i.e. he was so nervous all day and you could totally tell it was coming), that doesn’t necessarily mean that when the ring box is opened you have to be completely shocked by what’s inside.

Your engagement ring is a gift, and though the symbolism of what it represents will be there no matter what it looks like, it’s also an accessory you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life, AKA you better love it.

So, if you and your S.O. have had “the talk” and know there could be "I Do’s" in your future, it doesn’t hurt to get on the same page as a couple to find the best engagement ring for the both of you when the time comes. Start your process with these valuable tips from Judd Rottenberg, owner and diamond specialist here at Long’s.

Think about what should happen before ring shopping starts


The obvious tip here is to make sure you have that talk --the one that clearly lays out that marriage is in the cards for the two of you. The commitment, the energy and the excitement is there to spend the rest of your lives together and if you know that now, you can plan ahead for the next step: engagement.

Don’t jump the gun by showing him your saved posts on Instagram of engagement rings or educating him on cut and color (even in a joking way) until you know this is the real deal.

Prioritize what’s important in a ring (for each of you)


Even if you’ve always thought your fiancé would pick out the ring without you playing a hand in it, it’s important to discuss what’s on each of your wish lists when it comes to your engagement ring so that there are no surprises later on.

“A gentleman might perceive what a woman wants as a large ring, or perhaps he feels it needs to be big in a ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ kind of way,” says Rottenberg. “But ultimately, it’s about getting the right ring for the right person, which happens through good communication.”

An engagement ring is a precious and pricey investment, and you should set some mutual expectations as early into the process as possible. For example, if you’ve been eyeing Lea Michele’s $100,000 ring, have an open discussion about budget so that you can find the best ring within your price point.

Visit a store and ask all the questions you can


When you’ve exhausted your online research and your social media inspiration board is full, it’s time to visit a jewelry store for an opportunity to see rings in person and have all your questions answered by a professional (sorry, Google).

“At Long’s, our core competency is education,” says Rottenberg. “We take our time to get to know each couple individually to build a trusting relationship and help them choose the best ring for their lifestyle.”

Rather than focus on questions like your annual household income, our diamond specialists want to know about you, because lifestyle actually plays a major role in helping narrow down which ring will suit your day-to-day needs best.

If you’re a weight lifter or avid hiker, a white gold ring or halo cut diamond might not be the best choice as those activities would beat that style ring up more quickly. Here at Long's we takes your wants and needs as a couple and build that into your budget without compromising on shape, quality or size.

Before you buy, think about the long term

Image courtesy of Sarah Pudlo

What’s more long term than marriage? Well, nothing --but when buying an engagement ring, you’re also creating a long term relationship with the jeweler you purchase from. It’s important to learn how they’ll be there for you later down the road, like if and when the ring needs to be cleaned or repaired.

If you’re getting the feeling the place where you’re shopping just wants to make a sale, think twice before purchasing from them, even if they’re cutting you a slightly better deal to make it happen.

“The relationship you create with your jeweler could be a connection for life,” says Rottenberg. “At Long’s, we want to be there for you to care for your engagement ring and wedding band long term, as well as help you select other lifelong pieces of jewelry down the road.”

By shopping with a jeweler who has your best interests in mind and is in it for the long haul, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in the investment you’re making with your time and money.

Ready to take that next step? Visit us in stores or make an appointment today!

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