A Long's Proposal Story: Erin & Nolan

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Mar 22, 2019

A sunset walk leads to a moment they'll never forget! Read on to see how Nolan surprised Erin with her stunning, new ring. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

"We met while we were both students at the University of New Hampshire. She worked in the dining hall and made the best breakfast sandwiches. Half the time I ordered the sandwiches it was just so that I could make small talk with her!"

How did you propose?

"We live on top of a hill in Somerville, MA. It was a clear day, which meant there was going to be a beautiful sunset. I suggest we go for a walk. I work from home mostly, and told her I needed fresh air. We walked to the overlook, which is located directly next to our apartment. We took in the view and sunset, and talked about how lucky we were to have each other. I had jokingly fake proposed so many times before this with various props that I had a feeling she wouldn't take me seriously. I got down on one knee, and took out the box, at which point she said, 'Nolan...no. I know you're not for real..stop.' I opened the box as she sighed and said, 'Ugh, Nolan no, stop it.' It was at that moment though that she saw the beautiful ring, knew it was for real, and said, 'Yes!'"

erin-and-nolan erin-and-nolan-ring

Tell us about the engagement ring!

"It is an 18k yellow gold, old mine cut diamond ring. It was custom made and designed by myself and my Auntie Karen, an amazing Fine Jewelry Stylist at Long's - Burlington, who helped me through the process."

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