A Long's Proposal Story: Brian & Jessica

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Jan 20, 2017


We LOVED reading every second of this beautiful proposal story, submitted by Brian and Jessica! And Jessica's new engagement is simply stunning. Thank you for sharing this with us, and welcome to the Long's family!

How did you meet?
"We met at Boston University, when Jess took a new job at the Student Health center where I work as a Nurse Practictioner. After meeting, our coworker, and dear friend, Linda, tried to play matchmaker. After several work parties and events, I finally asked Jess out on a date, not knowing she already had a boyfriend at the time. She said no to my date because she was busy that weekend. But on her sister's birthday, she asked me to come to the bar they were at, so I did. The adventure began from there."

What are all the details of this amazing proposal?
"We work together, live together, and generally love to spend most of our time with one another. Great for our relationship, terrible for surprises! Luckily, Jess was going to Nashville for her girlfriend's birthday, so it was the perfect time to secretly go back to Long's, where we had first shopped for rings, and purchase our special piece. Not knowing that custom work requires more time, I had planned to propose two weekjessica-brian-proposal.jpgs after, in Vermont, on top of a mountain after hiking. The ring wasn't ready, so I had to change my plans!

It was soon the holiday season and so much was going on at work, home, with family (Jess' sister got engaged to her boyfriend TWO weeks before on a spur of the moment engagement, TOTALLY throwing me a curve ball in my plans) and we never got a chance to go out for our anniversary. So Thursday, December 22nd, 2016, I surprised Jess with an "anniversary" dinner. She had no idea what was going on other than we were going to celebrate our anniversary together. We went to the Seaport in Boston, and went to Del Frisco's Steak House. This was originally the place that Jess had surprised me with for a birthday several years before. We both fell in love with the location and restaurant itself.

As we ate our meal, I was waiting for Jess to get up to go to the bathroom so that I could inform our server with more details other than the restaurant knowing we were there for an engagement- BUT she never got up! Therefore, at the end of our meal, we got up to take a picture, which Jess had suggested when I had first told her that we were going to dinner. As she got up, I had our waiter, Derrick, take my camera and switch it to video to capture the entire thing. We started to pose and I turned and got on a knee. She said yes, and we had people clapping and congratulating us. Our waiter made it extremely special, bringing over champagne to celebrate. We also have a special video of the entire proposal that we can keep forever and share with our families!"

And that BEAUTIFUL Long's ring?
"Our ring is a custom Lazare diamond ring. Jess always loved the Halo setting, I myself was not a huge fan. We worked closely with Long's Jeweler's to construct a ring that spoke to us. Eddie, from the south shore location was so helpful in the whole process. We had quick, 20 minute diamond ring 101 "class" with him because of how educated he was in the field. We couldn't have asked for someone more passionate, considerate and knowledgeable to help us as we began this chapter of our lives!"

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