A Long's Proposal Story: Anthony & Kerry

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Jan 6, 2017


Congrats to our newest Long's couple, Kerry and Anthony! We're completely in love with Anthony's idea to incorporate a Disney movie into the proposal, and the secret party he planned afterwards. Not to mention, Kerry's ring is perfect! Read all the details:

How did the two of you meet?
"We met at a mutual friend's house at an NBA all-star party"

And how did the big proposal go down?
"I brought a package home from work with a Beauty And The Beast blue-ray inside. When I came into my apartment with the mail, I gave Kerry the package and told her it came in the mail for her. When she opened the package, attached to the blue ray was a note that read "Will you be the beauty to by beast?" She exclaimed YES! And I got down on one knee and slid the ring on her finger.

Later that night, we had plans for dinner. While we ate at the restaurant, 35+ friends and family secretly gathered at our apartment. When Kerry and I came home from dinner she was in for another surprise when she opened the door! We had a wonderful celebration, and it was a beautiful day."

image (2)-2-288157-edited.jpeg

We LOVE the engagement ring! Tell us about it:
"1 carat round diamond set in a double band with 20 smaller diamonds"

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