10 Tips For Finding an Engagement Ring in Boston

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jun 14, 2019


Before buying an engagement ring, you have to first find a place to go that you can trust. We're sure you've done a lot of research already but there a few important things to keep in mind if you want to get the best quality, value and service for a purchase as meaningful as a diamond engagement ring. We have rounded up the top 10 things to consider when buying an engagement ring in Boston!

1. G.I.A. Certified

Always, always, always buy a certified diamond. Looking for an engagement ring is an exciting and romantic task to take on, but don't let this cloud your judgement! This engagement ring will most likely be your biggest purchase to date, so shop smart and take your time. When you make the final decision on the ring of their dreams, make sure you are going to a place that has diamond certifications from the Gemologist Institute of America - like Long's Jewelers.

This highly accredited laboratory is dedicated to holding diamonds to a certain level or standard that ensures you are getting what you pay for. Sometimes, the biggest trick ring shoppers fall for, is buying a diamond with the illusion of great quality at a cheap price. This trap is easy to fall into, especially for beginners. Diamonds certified by other, less reputable laboratories may be graded incorrectly or with an inflation so you think you are getting a great deal. Don't fall for it! Better not take the risk and just stick with a diamond with a credible certification.

2. American Gem Society Affiliated

While we're on the topic of highly reputable and trustworthy organizations, a jeweler with an affiliation with American Gem Society is also a good thing to keep in mind. Since 1934, this highly reputable group has made it their mission to protect people who are buying jewelry from fraud and false advertising.

To be affiliated with this organization, the jewelry company must be invited after going through a peer-reviewed application process followed by an annual re-certification exam. The companies' business practices, consumer protection, and maintenance of their gemologist skills and knowledge must be ethical and impeccable. It is an extremely high honor to be a member of this exclusive group as only one in twenty jewelers have met the necessary requirements and standards to stay in.

When working with a jeweler affiliated with the A.G.S. such as Long's Jewelers, you know that you are receiving nothing but quality in value and price, and not only that, but it gives the buyer that much more piece of mind.

3. No Commission, No Pressure

When it’s time to shop, it matters most to work with someone who has your best interests in mind. At Long's Jewelers, our team doesn’t work on commission, which means we're 100% focused on finding you the perfect ring no matter the price tag, with no pressure.

We take it upon ourselves to educate and be completely transparent with you so that you feel confident and comfortable with your ring purchase. This is one of the biggest purchases someone would normally make in their early adult life, so it shouldn't be made online, but rather in-person with a trusted professional. It's essential that we help you feel like you've made the right choice.

4. Make Your Investment Worth it

Imagine your life years from now. You're happily married and looking for an upgrade on your diamond ring. Maybe when you were younger, you had a little less money. Now, you are ready for a change and a return on your investment. When an upgrade becomes more of a possibility, you will be able to work one-on-one with your current jeweler to create a revamped ring that celebrates and emulates the life and relationship you have achieved thus far.

5. Diamond Specialists & Licensed Gemologists On Staff

This is something not a lot of jewelry stores can promise or offer, and it is a great advantage to have once you find a place that has this service available. It helps to know that you are getting the best service from true experts of their craft. By having experts on staff, they are at your finger tips, ready and willing whenever you come in to help you every step of the way.

6. Take Advantage of the Perks

Many jewelry stores offer free ring sizing, cleaning and inspections of your ring or wedding band and it’s something you are encouraged to take advantage of. One less thing to worry about! Furthermore, if your ring is experiencing the usual wear and tear that jewelry does when it is worn everyday, who better to turn to than the jeweler who helped you find your ring in the first place? You save money and stress, knowing your ring will be in good hands for a lifetime.

7. High Quality and Wide Variety

One of the first things you're probably thinking when it comes to the perfect ring is: will she like it? You know she'll be expecting nothing but the best and you want to get this right! The best way to make sure this will happen is to make sure you are going to a jeweler with a wide variety of high quality rings that will match with any fiance's personality or taste. At Long's jewelers, we offer a huge selection of rings in many different styles, including classic, modern, vintage, bohemian and many more.

8. Keep it in the Family

Receiving one-on-one attention in person means so much more than an impersonal shopping experience online or with a big business. And it feels good knowing you're supporting a family owned business that’s committed to good customer service, quality and care. Usually locally owned businesses are family owned or have been in business for ages. This also means, that if something goes wrong, the owner is not too far away, ready and available to make sure every and any issue is quickly taken care of.

9. Customize

It's always good to go to a jeweler with high-quality products and a wide variety of styles. Although, most couples usually know exactly what they are looking for in an engagement ring that just hasn't been created yet. This is why you should make sure that you are going to a place that offers customization. This allows you to create the ring of your dreams if you are not seeing what you originally had in mind. Working with a salesperson you bond with and trust, can also make it easier for them to make recommendations based on what they learn about you. Nothing beats a one on one relationship with a knowledgeable and helpful salesperson.

10. Here for a Lifetime

We know, buying an engagement ring is a big step. It's not only a big step for your relationship, but it is also most likely your first big jewelry purchase. You are not only making a commitment to the one you love but you are also setting the tone for jewelry purchases for the future.

When working personally with a trusted jeweler, they get to know you as a couple at the very beginning of the rest of your life together. Your jeweler wants you to feel comfortable and happy, creating clients for life. This also means using them as a resource for all future jewelry-related questions and needs, including bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts, christening gifts, first communion, graduation and more. This could and should be your go-to jeweler for the rest of your life, so make it count!

Ready to try on engagement rings at a jewelry store? Make an appointment or stop by a Long’s Jewelers location any time to get started!

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