Mémoire Diamond Bouquets Collection

For over twenty-five years, Mémoire has produced exceptional diamond rings in 18K gold and platinum. Best known for unparalleled quality and attention to detail, Mémoire continues to exceed expectations with proprietary new bridal and anniversary collections.

The Diamond Bouquets™ Collection features bouquets of ten diamonds that sparkle with over 500 facets to create a “LOOK” three times the actual carat weight. The Bouquet setting uses a revolutionary invisible setting technique that requires no interior prong work. Nine diamonds encircle a larger center diamond creating the illusion of a single diamond 3X the carat weight of the bouquet. The angles and dimensions of each bouquet have been engineered to duplicate the exact angles and dimensions of a single brilliant cut diamond, the difference being, each bouquet sparkles with over 500 facets!

That’s more light, more brilliance, more love! Why give her just one diamond when she could have a whole bouquet?

Always classic, timeless, and elegant, Mémoire’s diamond rings are truly created to last a lifetime.